Saturday, July 19, 2008

Summer Funn. :)

Okay So I know i haven't posted in like for ever, but i am gonna try to start posting more blogs. So far this summer has been pretty good for me. I went to Church camp in Arkansas. It was wonderful. We Had so much learning About god, and having Fun with our church youth group. well after i got home i had to leave to go to my dads. It was really sad having to leave everyone for 5 weeks. I had fun Swimming, and hanging out with my cousins. Then i got home and Caylah My best friend invited me to the beach with her. Caylah and I had a BLAST together. We went swimming, and played in the sand, and ate really good food at FUDPUCKERS. The beach is AMAZING! Oh! Me and Caylah got pet hermit crabs. My crabs name is Joe. He is So Ugly that he is actually cute. :) He's pretty Funn to Play with. :) hehe. Anyways i just got home like 4 days ago. Next Sunday i get to go to the Beach again with my Family. I can't wait!! We will have a Blast together. We will Swim, Eat Seafood, and play on the Beach, and have FAMILY time. Yes, I can't wait. I really can't wait to see my Aunt Cathy. I havent seen her since January. I just can't wait to see her. :)
Peace Out.
Miranda Catherine Williams :)